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New age Kart K4A finally coming out!!


The meaning of the K4A® concept lays hidden in its name, ‘Kartsport 4 All’, a kart concept which key values are easy and affordable. We want one to enjoy karting regardless of how much money you have to spend. Nevertheless this kart is no toy, its chassis is been developed by one of the most innovative kart manufacturers, DAP, which lifted names like Ayrton Senna, Alex Zanardi and Stefano Modena to F1. Its durable 4-stroke engine has 15hp, 12Nm and can reach revs up to 10,500 RPM, it requires very little maintenance so you can spend all your time driving not too work, suffer and struggle to keeping your kart running.

The RK1 Engine is a 4-stroke engine specially developed for karting. The concept originated from the market demand for a simple and affordable way to step into the world of karting. The purpose of the RK1 concept is to give as many people as possible motorized pleasure to live in the existing go-kart tracks all over the world.
Karts equipped with the RK1 engine can run on almost any existing kart track, due to the low noice level and friendly smooth character of the engine. RK1 engines are suitable for almost every existing 4-stroke kart chassis and on many modern CIK homologated 2-Stroke chassis. RK1 engines are aswell for recreational purposes as used for official competitions.
RK1 engines are not in a testing phase, but consumers ready. Meanwhile, RK1 engines already proven a number of years. RK1 engines are experienced by the market as very reliable.

RK1 is, unlike many other existing 4-stroke engines, very quiet (89 dBA) and has the unique property a perfect speed / power bandwidth. Both properties are today a must for a modern kart experience. RK1 engines are elecric started and an electric generator, while driving, continuous load the battery.


- 150cc
- 4 overhead valve
- 15 hp, 10 Kw.
- Torque: 14 Nm @ 8500 rpm
- max 10.500 rpm
- 12V onboard Electric starter
- Battery box
- Dry centrifugal clutch
- Weight 17.0 kg

Objectives RK1

- Reaching a wide audience - Ease of access to the kart market
- Low acquisition and maintenance
- Long life
- Providing a high fun factor
- Sealed engine


Main frame tubing:




Wheel base:

Tread front:

Tread rear:


Chamber angle:

Rear axle:

Fuel tank:

Reduction system:




Brake disc:

Steering mechanism:



diameter is 32mm & 28mm Frame

chromoly tube (25CrMo4)

overall length is 194 cm, overall width is 137cm

complete kart with gasoline is 85 kg

1040 mm

108 -124 cm

133 - 139 cm

0 / 15°

3 mm positive / 11°

Ø = 40mm, 3mm thickness, length = 1040mm

capacity 9lt, anti-shake model

chain 219, 106L

K4A style mono CNC machined, front 130mm, rear 180mm

front, Maxxis® 10x4.50-5 - model SLR rear, Maxxis® 11 x 6.00-5 - model SLR

rear brake patented by DAP, die-casted magnesium caliper, Twin action piston caliper

diameter 185mm x 6mm, ultra-light weight slotted brake for minimum rotating weight

directly coupled single stern, Ackermann steering optional

clear fibreglass dimension size 5 Body works: KG, BURU model (5 pcs: front-side & nassau panel)

bright green (Brazilian flag) powder coat finish

1 PREPARE: Unboxing your K4A® kart

2 PREPARE: Assembling your K4A® kart (8 steps)

3 PREPARE: Changing your Run-in oil on your K4A® engine

SET-UP: Fit the K4A® kart to your size

SET-UP: Your K4A® kart rear & front width

SET-UP: The right tire pressure on your K4A® kart

SET-UP: Your 3SP (Sprocket) system on your K4A® kart

MAINTENANCE: First-aid K4A® kart engine

MAINTENANCE: Change your old oil from your K4A® engine

MAINTENANCE: Cleaning your K4A® carburetor

MAINTENANCE: Change your old oil from your K4A® engine

MAINTENANCE: Lubricate your K4A® kart chain

MAINTENANCE: Changing your Maxxis® tires on your K4A® kart

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