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2014年 ALFANO Catalogs
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K4A Brochure (EN)
So, what is K4A®?
K4A is a karts, parts & accessories concept for the motorized sport & leisure market, developed by Harm Schuurman and Robbin Loois. Together with TRS Taiwan and DAP Italy they developed the K4A kart which is fast, affordable and easy to maintain.

Why should I choose K4A® Kart?
K4A® is a unique „stepping stone‟ into the karting world, whether you are an „experienced‟ rental-kart or a recreational (race) driver, K4A has THE kart for you. Because of its innovative Back-to-Basic (BTB) concept and smart engineering, the kart requires little maintenance thus ensuring you need little technical knowledge to keep driving. Nevertheless this kart is no toy! The chassis is designed by DAP Italy, one of the most innovative kart manufactures in the world, which has lifted names like, Ayrton Senna, Alex Zanardi and Stefano Modena to Formula 1. Its engine is a durable 15Hp, 12Nm, 4-stroke engine which can let you reach speeds well over 100 km/h, 5 cm above the ground.
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K4A 150.180 Engine
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Chinese Easy to use manual
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TRS Chinese directory
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Japanese engine translation
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English Simple Guidelines
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K4A English Price List
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RK1 Chinese directory
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