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219 Kart Chain

219 Kart Chain


Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Kart Engines, Go Kart Helmet, Go Kart Engine, Go Kart Diesel Engine Oil, Go Kart Lubrication, Go Kart Accessory, Kart Chain, Kart Clutch, and different kinds of Go Kart Parts.
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Pitch Roller Link Bushing  Pin Link Plate Roller Link Link Plate Pin Dia. Minimun Average Fatigue
   Width(Min) Dia.(Max) Thickness Plate   Height   Tensile Tensile Resistance
        Thickness     Stength Stength  
P W D T1 T2 H d / / max
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kgf kgf kgf
7.774 4.6 4.59 1.3 1.4 7.6 3.01 1000 1200 150

219 chain